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    Naruhi's techniques

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    Naruhi's techniques Empty Naruhi's techniques

    Post by Naruhi on Tue Jul 14, 2009 10:48 am

    Technique Name: Chronos Eye (Shikai)
    Description: Naruhi’s eyes turn a gray and silver color.
    Effect: View the world in slow motion and heightens naruhi's reaction time. Slows naruhi's speed down for 1 post while he readjusts to his normal reaction speed.
    Cooldown: 5 times per topic

    Technique Name: Ken Cero
    Description: A cero channeled through naruhi’s zanpaktou.
    Effect: The cero become three times as powerful as a normal cero.
    Cooldown: 5 posts

    Technique Name: Gran Ken Cero
    Description: A gran rey cero channeled through naruhi’s zanpaktou.
    Effect: The cero will five time stronger than a normal cero.
    Cooldown: 6 posts

    Technique Name: Scatter Ken Cero
    Description: Naruhi places his fingers to his sword and fires a scatter cero.
    Effect: Fires five normal ceros at double the speed of a normal cero.
    Cooldown: 1 posr

    Technique Name: Time Transformation
    Description: Forbidden Kidou
    Effect: Naruhi stabs a pressure point near his heart and then uses reiatsu to speed up the growth of his cells to that of whatever age he wishes. This will increases naruhi’s overall abilities by several times. This lasts for the entire battle and naruhi pays a huge drawback depending on how old he became. The old he becomes, the worse the drawback.
    Cooldown: None

    Technique Name: Cero Teigen
    Description: A cero made of naruhi’s life energy.
    Effect: It fires a cero that grows in power depending on how long it’s charged.
    Cooldown: Once per battle

    Technique Name: Shadow Blitz
    Description: A black fox made of reiatsu.
    Effect: A black fox made of reiatsu is summoned to attack the opponent.
    Cooldown: Twice per battle

    Technique Name: World Seal Barrier
    Description: A barrier of holy seals
    Effect: Traps naruhi and his target in an barrier that cancels out all energy based techniques inside it and repels all attacks on the outside.
    Cooldown: Twice per battle

    Technique Name: Lightning Demon Form
    Description: Forbidden Technique
    Effect: Naruhi draws on the power of the lightning within his body and in the atmosphere and infuses it with every cell in his body, transforming himself into a lightning demon whose speed, defense and attack are ten times stronger than normal.
    Cooldown: Once per battle

    Technique Name: Energy Conversion
    Description: Kidou
    Effect: Takes two posts to feel out and absorb the energy of the current world naruhi is in then converts his reiatsu into a similar form so that his attacks remain at full strength.

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