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    Bianco Drago Della Leggenda


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    Bianco Drago Della Leggenda  Empty Bianco Drago Della Leggenda

    Post by Senkokura on Mon Apr 22, 2013 1:17 pm

    Name: Bianco Drago Della Leggenda (White Dragon of Legend)
    Manifestation: A dragon made of white flames/ a man with white hair, white clothes, talons and slit pupils
    Shikai: Burn in Flames, Drago
    Bankai: Bankai Bianco Drago Della Leggenda
    Element: White Fire
    Level: Bankai in training
    Blade Description:
    Sealed: A katana with an X shaped guard
    Shikai: His sword becomes a scimitar with a blue streak going down from the tip of the blade to the guard of his sword (like the sword in this pic)
    Bianco Drago Della Leggenda  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTVZJh71HxTW8rUcujJqLZ_WhYxF4LIXz4DUh4Ov9_FrT4acnzJ
    Bankai: Sword becomes pure white energy that can stretch by pumping spiritual pressure into the blade, there is a cloak of spiritual pressure on his left shoulder and two small spiritual circles above his right. while in Bankai mode the cape and circles absorb spirit energy from around him and stores it as high vibration spirit energy in the cape and circles.
    Bianco Drago Della Leggenda  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSlYtSKOj1pv_3cGIvyMDV5WHYd1l_JoJy5CvpDQnUeSdzGcfIu

    Spada of Flames: in Shikai his sword can become covered in white flames to strike. (5 post limit of use to use consecutively and 2 post cooldown per strike in succession)
    Eruzione: Stabs sword into ground to make a flame explosion near of under the enemy, can be set to delay like a mine. (mines last for 6 posts and has an 8 post cooldown, one mine can only be set at a time, and can fire up to three explosions with a 5 post cooldown for each used, the less explosions the more powerful they are.)
    Anima Che Brucia: (Bankai only with a 7 post cooldown and one post preperation time) Thrusts the sword out pumping all the spiritual pressure thats built up in the cape and spiraling circles of his bankai to shoot his sword out which stretches at super fast speed, anything it impales will be engulfed in flames.

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    Bianco Drago Della Leggenda  Empty Re: Bianco Drago Della Leggenda

    Post by Naruhi on Mon Jun 03, 2013 4:43 pm

    seems legit to me
    approved until anyone else says otherwise

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