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    [Bleach] Sakata, Naruhi

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    [Bleach] Sakata, Naruhi Empty [Bleach] Sakata, Naruhi

    Post by Naruhi on Tue Dec 04, 2012 10:23 pm

    Sakata, Naruhi
    Personal Bio

    Full Name: Naruhi Sakata
    Nickname: The One who Transcends Age
    Gender: Male
    Visual Age: 15
    Real Age: 320
    Personality: The silent yet deadly type, he plans out his actions before taking them, which usually result in something that has a huge impact. He has gotten to be more outspoken, allowing him to make contact with people and make connections but when in battle, he assumes his original personality and wont talk but silently plan his opponent's demise, though he will trash talk from time to time.

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    Character Type:
    Character Type: Vaizard
    Weapon Type: Zanpaktou
    Weapon Name: Tsukinatsu
    (for Shinigamis only) Division: Ex-Captain Commander
    (for Vizards only) Name of Inner Hollow: Mushi

    Character Stats
    (Excellent, Great, Average, or Poor.. For every Great you have, you need one Poor. For every Excellent you have, you need two Poor. Otherwise, you can have them all Average)
    Strength: Poor
    Speed: Average
    Reiryoku: Excellent
    Stamina: Poor
    Intelligence: Average

    Character Background
    History: Naruhi lived a fairly happy life, siblings, parents, the usual then his life changed. He came home one day and found his family murdered by some kind of humanoid tiger then it turned on him and he also died. He woke in Rukongai and lived among another family because he couldn’t seem to find his own. After several decades, his life changed once again, this time for the better he hoped. He had been recommended for the shinigami academy and passed with flying colors in less than a year. He was assigned to squad 12 and worked as one of the head researchers. Something mysterious then happened some twenty years later because Naruhi then forced to leave seireitei and never return, to this day, he’s the leader of the vizards.

    Until one day, he met an arrancar named zero and together they took down aizen sosuke and took over hueco mundo and the espada. Several major events took place soon after, such as a war that involved the multiple worlds, the invasion of soul society and several others. Many years have passed and naruhi has been hiding out in a remote area of karakura town, laying low but a new age has come and it was time for him to come out of hiding.

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    Post by Dominic Edrick III on Tue Dec 04, 2012 10:28 pm

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