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    Balance of Powers: Naruto World

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    Balance of Powers: Naruto World Empty Balance of Powers: Naruto World

    Post by Dominic Edrick III on Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:17 pm

    In the Naruto World, the balance of powers are as follows:

    (DBZ & Black Cat World)Kii/ Tao - Within the Naruto World, kii remains a strong power. Kii has the ability to enhance jutsu within the world, and kii attacks are just as dangerous here. The only drawback is that kii cannot be charged powerful enough to destroy planets here. However it can still devastate regions of land.

    (Bleach World)Reiatsu - Spiritual energy here is moderate, allowing the powers of the bleach world to match the powers equal to that of chakra. The Manifestation Chants are much like high powered ninjutsu, in meaning they can cause massive destruction.

    (Chrono Trigger World)Magic - Due to the enchanced powers of the elements in the Naruto World, magic and physical techniques from the Chrono Trigger World are enhanced due to the slight addition to the chakra system. Magic powers of the Chrono Trigger World have the ability to cause as much damage as A-Rank ninjutsu, depending on the level of the spell.

    (Inuyasha World)Powers - Inuyasha World powers have a tough time sustaining within the ninja world. Demon powers are much too unstable(think of the bijuu), causing them to become berserk if entering a true form of themselves or relying too much on demon forged weapons. Their normal form abilities are equal to chakra, but drain quicker.

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