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    Balance of Powers: Chrono Trigger World

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    Balance of Powers: Chrono Trigger World Empty Balance of Powers: Chrono Trigger World

    Post by Dominic Edrick III on Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:55 pm

    In the world of Chrono Trigger, the balance of power is as follows:

    (Ninja World)Chakra - Upon entering the Chrono Trigger world, the ability to utilize Chakra is greatly reduced. For as you enter the world, the chakra slowly drains out of your body. Using ninjutsu is limited and extremely dangerous to use in this world. However, since the ability to use the elements is great within the Naruto World, shinobi can learn the magic within Chrono Trigger better than any other world.

    (Bleach World)Reiatsu - Since the world of Chrono Trigger doesnt have a lot of spiritual energy in this world using it is also reduced, much like chakra. However, instead of a drained power, there just isnt enough to utilize, making it tough to use.

    (DBZ & Black Cat World)Kii(Tao) - With Kii, the power is from within ones being, so right away the power in this world is great for keeping energy up when using high level magic. The ability to fly is lost in this world, meaning kii only utilizes the speed of the person, making them extremely fast in battle. Having kii in this world makes physical techniques within the Chrono Trigger World more effective and brutal.

    (FMA World)Alchemy - Alchemy is the weakest of the powers within Chrono Trigger. The reason behind this is because in a world of magic, the science and philosophy of alchemy cannot maintain within this world. However, alchemy is not totally lost. Alchemists entering this world are granted the ability to use the elements within Chrono Trigger. Those elements being: Water/ Ice, Fire, Shadow, Lightning.

    (Inuyasha World)Powers - Inuyasha World powers are the powers that can maintain substance within this world. The abilities within this world match the philosophies of that with Chrono Trigger, making the powers equal within the world.

    Balance of Powers: Chrono Trigger World Dominiccrono

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