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    Zer0's jutsu

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    Zer0's jutsu Empty Zer0's jutsu

    Post by Zer0 on Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:25 am

    Name: Deception
    Canon/Custom: Custom
    Rank: S
    Type: Genjutsu
    Element: None
    Distance: 10 meters all around the caster
    Description: The user activates the genjutsu through eye contsct of his mask. Upon this, the user becomes an optical illusion, however, to the enemy nothing has changed. This 'clone' can attack and sustain damage throughout the duration,. When the genjutsu is over, the enemy feels all of the exhaustion from the battle, but none of the damage is there .This jutsu is his signature move and only Zer0 can preform it do to it needing to be activated with his holographic images he portrays from his faceplate which through the red light he sends his chakra through to the eyes of an opponent . Cooldown is 10 post and it lasts 7 posts and can only be used 2 times a topic.
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    Zer0's jutsu Empty Re: Zer0's jutsu

    Post by Dominic Edrick III on Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:55 am

    Looks good. Just remember that you are in charge of trying to wear down the enemy. If they aren't moving enough, then they will be perfectly fine. In a phone call, I wanna help you elaborate on this technique more. So I'm not going to approve it until then. There is more I want to add to help this become what you want it to be

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